My name is Weston (Rodeo Cowboy) I love to ride motorcycles, which is where I got my nickname. I am a father of five kids 3 boys 2 girls. I have been in and out of the towing industry for about six years. and with Platinum Towing for the last 4 years, and in the auto industry since i was 18. Out of all the jobs I have done emergency roadside is by far the one that calls to me the most. I truly enjoy helping people. I love to meet new people and I try to make it my mission to make your day just a little bit better, because lets be honest if you have to call a tow truck you're not having the best day.

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Allison Rehor

"Great service from this company replacing a flat tire on a Sunday afternoon. Appreciate Weston's help and friendly customer service. Service was quick and professional."

Michael Grantham

" Showed up fast and performed excellent service. Appreciated the professionalism from both Westin and Ryan, they made a rough day a lot better, thanks guys!!!! "

WD Yards

"Thanks Platinum Towing for a job well done, professional drivers with great ideas (Thanks Weston!) to get out of a difficult predicament. Your obvious care for and value to your customers and community is appreciated. With a fleet of vehicles on the road daily it adds comfort to know there is another fleet out there who has our back to get us home."