Product description:

WARSUN Y40 is a LED work light, which consists of a XPE LED lamp bead and a COB panel. This LED work light is perfect for camping, household, workshop, automobile and roadside emergency repairs.

Product Feature:


  • Strong Magnet: It can attach the metal surface such as car hood. It is very convenient to check and repair the car.
  • Hook Design: You can hang it anywhere and let go of your hands.
  • 2 Light Sources & 6 Light Modes: With 2 different light source: LED / COB. And 6 different light modes: LED / COB(Low / Mid / High / Red / Red Strobe)
  • Power Indicator: WARSUN Y40 has the power indicator function, in other words, when there is only one indicator light on, it means the work light need to be charged.
  • Power bank output function: It has a 5V-1A charging port, which can be used as a power bank in an emergency.
  • Type-C charging: The work light has an international charging port, which is very convenient for users. Input power: 5V/2A.

 How to Use:

Press the power button to switch the lighting mode: 6 modes.

Tap: XPE - COB(Low - Mid - High) - OFF.

Long Press: COB Red - COB Red Strobe - OFF.

Charging Instruction:

Plug in the USB charging port, then you will find the blue indicator light flashes, which means it is charging. If the blue light always on indicates that means the battery is full.


Light source type: 1 * XPE LED lamp bead + 1 * COB

Light source color: Cold white / red

What You Will Get:

1* LED work light

1* USB-C charging Cable